Times have changed. The rules have changed. 
The challenges our children, their parents,and the country face have changed.

Diversity public speaker

Dr. Stephen DeMasco PhD., is an internationally recognized motivational and educational speaker. Engaging, inspiring, and entertaining, Dr. DeMasco has keynoted and conducted workshops on several topics including:

  • diversity
  • motivation
  • social and emotional learning
  • conflict management  
  • violence in the workplace
  • school violence
  • local, state, and federal law-enforcement 
  • active shooter(s)
  • safe schools

Dr. DeMasco is an international author, educational hero, former spokesperson to the President of The United States for education, and founder of several charitable organizations that help underprivileged youth. To have Dr. DeMasco speak or conduct a workshop at your place of business or school district, please contact Dr. DeMasco directly for availability at stevedemasco@aol.com

"Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all."

Educational Speaker